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Health News

US Still in Danger of Losing War on AIDS, CDC Director Says
New York Times
Despite major medical advances and more than 30 years of effort, the United States is still in danger of losing the war on AIDS, according to the country's top disease-control official. In an essay in The New England Journal of Medicine published on ...

Historic summit on gene editing and 'designer babies' convenes in Washington
Washington Post
Don't look now, but the future just pulled into town. Hundreds of scientists, policymakers and the president's science adviser have gathered Tuesday in Washington for what will be a three-day summit on genetic engineering, with a focus on a new ...

Reduced blood flow seen in brain after clinical recovery from concussion
While a new study did not reveal why blood flow remains reduced so long, it suggests athletes get cleared for play too soon after a concussion. By Stephen Feller | Dec. 1, 2015 at 11:23 AM. Comments 0 Comments. share with facebook. share with twitter

New Diabetes Cases Among Americans Drop for First Time in Decades: CDC
TUESDAY, Dec. 1, 2015 (HealthDay News) -- In a sign that Americans may finally be turning the corner in the fight against diabetes -- and possibly obesity -- federal health statistics released Tuesday show that the number of new cases of diabetes has ..

Anti-HIV pill, taken as needed, prevents infection in gay men
(Reuters Health) - The odds of getting HIV can be dramatically reduced by taking two pills prior to sex and two more after, according to a new study of 400 high-risk gay men and transgendered women published online by the New England Journal of ...

Americans Are Still Being Imprisoned For Being HIV Positive
This World AIDS Day, VICE is exploring all sides of the state of HIV around the globe. Watch our special report "Countdown To Zero" tonight on HBO at 9pm ET, and to get involved, visit red.org to shop (RED). There has never been a documented case in ..

Express Scripts offers $1 alternative to $750 Daraprim pill
CBS News
The nation's biggest pharmacy benefits manager is muscling back into the debate over soaring drug costs by promoting a less-expensive alternative to a life-saving medicine with a list price of $750 per pill. Express Scripts Holding Co. said Tuesday ...

Junior doctors - peace in our time or a temporary truce?
BBC News
It's all quiet on the junior doctors' front. The protagonists in this bitter dispute have agreed to sit down for detailed negotiations. Hospitals in England, expecting a strike until late yesterday evening, are running normally albeit with some ...
On World AIDS Day, condom maker calls for safe-sex emoji
Community mental health cuts tied to spike in ER visits

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