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Science Tech News

Google Is Finally Killing Picasa
It hasn't made sense for Google to continue to invest in two separate photo storage and sharing applications, as it has been doing with the newer Google Photos and the dated software Picasa. And now the company is finally going to do something about ...

The Future of Gravitational Wave Astronomy
Scientific American
A simulated view of gravitational waves rippling out from merging black holes. The reddish waves correspond to those recently detected from a real black-hole merger by the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO). Credit: NASA/C. Henze

Goodbye Philae: What have we learned from the comet probe?
Christian Science Monitor
As the freezing temperatures of space finally put the comet lander Philae beyond hope of communication, what has this celebrated mission taught us, and where lies the next frontier? By Jason Thomson, Staff February 12, 2016. Save for later Saved. close

Error 53 has the best and worst intentions
A error that indicates your iPhone has been bricked is a good thing done wrong. ifixit iphone 6s Credit: iFixit. Comments. Glenn Fleishman | @GlennF. Senior Contributor, Macworld. Feb 12, 2016 10:41 AM. We live in a snooping world. It seem like ...

The age of indie fitness apps is over
The Verge
Aside from all being smartphone apps that track your health and activity, all of these apps have been acquired by bigger companies bigger brands over the past couple of years, the latest being RunKeeper, which was just bought by running shoe ...

AT&T lays plans to begin testing 5G data in 2016, brings back 2-for-1 iPhone deal
Apple Insider
AT&T on Friday announced its plans to test 5G network technology, beginning with lab tests in the second quarter done in collaboration with Intel and Ericsson. The first outdoor tests and trials will run over the summer, AT&T said. By the end of the ...

Want to help manufacture self-driving cars? Google is hiring.
How long are we going to believe Google when it says it doesn't want to be a car manufacturer? See also: Faraday Future's 1,000-horsepower concept car should make Tesla very, very nervous. The tech giant has posted dozens of jobs for its self-driving ..

Facebook is Working on SMS Integration for Messenger, Exclusively for Android
Bidness ETC
Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is incorporating text messages into its online messaging and video calling service. The company is currently testing out the new feature, and also aims to allow users to eventually switch between multiple accounts. Facebook ...
New app uses your cellphone to detect earthquakes
Los Angeles Times
High Arctic once hosted giant flightless bird

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