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Science Tech News

Mark Kelly: My Twin Brother Scott Just Blasted Off for a Year in Space
BAIKONUR, Kazakhstan He's off the planet and on his way to the International Space Station. Earlier today, I watched as my brother, NASA astronaut Scott Kelly, and two Russian cosmonauts launched to space aboard a Soyuz rocket. They left from ..

Samsung Galaxy S6 Vs. HTC M9: Which One Is Right For You?
Are you on the fence between the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the HTC One M9? This InformationWeek guide will help you pick the better of the two smartphones. Smartphone OS: A 22-Year History. (Click image for larger view and slideshow.) The Samsung ..

Apple CEO Tim Cook dives into Indy law fray
Apple CEO Tim Cook, shown here at the recent Watch launch, is tweeting his dissatisfaction with laws that he felts discriminate against gays and lesbians. (USA TODAY). Apple (AAPL) CEO Tim Cook, who publicly declared his homosexuality last year, has ..

Weird predator swam the oceans
Yahoo News UK
It looks like a giant silverfish - wingless household insects that feed on clothing and wallpaper - but swam in the oceans long before the first dinosaur. The newly discovered species Yawunik kootenayi lived more than 500 million years ago and is a distant ..

Slack Adds Two-Factor Authentication After Breach
PC Magazine
Bad news for users of the business communication platform Slack. The company on Friday disclosed that hackers broke into its central database and gained access to user profile information. The database contained usernames, email addresses, hashed ..

Google loses appeal bid over suing
Harwich and Manningtree Standard
Google has lost a Court of Appeal bid to prevent British consumers having the right to sue it in the UK over breach of privacy. Lawyers say the ruling potentially "opens the door for litigation by millions of British Apple users". The decision is a victory for a group ..

Facebook Invites App Devs to Join in Messenger Family Planning
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg this week told an audience at the F8 conference for Facebook developers that the company's future lies in its family of apps and in giving the network's members the ability to share what they want, where they want

Critters found in Antarctic ice show how tenacious life is
El Paso Inc.
This undated image released by Bob Goldstein and Vicki Madden taken with an electron microscope, shows a micro-animal "tardigrade" also known as a water bear, at the UNC in Chapel Hill, N.C. In Jan. 2015, scientists found the DNA of a tardigrade in ..
Google's next venture: TV producer?
Christian Science Monitor
French self-driving car goes for a spin around Paris monument

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