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Fatal crash of Tesla Model S in autopilot mode leads to investigation by federal officials
Los Angeles Times
Federal regulators opened a preliminary probe into the autopilot feature on a Tesla Model S electric car after a fatal crash involving the technology, Tesla said Thursday. The fatality thought to be the first in the auto industry related to an ...

The ozone hole of Antarctica is shrinking, scientists say
The Boston Globe
Three decades after nations around the world banned environmentally damaging chemicals used in refrigerants and aerosols, the hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica has begun to heal, scientists say. In a new paper in the journal Science, a MIT-led ...

Android Nougat? Really? Here are at least eight better names
Perhaps Android Nuomici would have been better? Wikipedia/Public domain. The wait is over, and once again we have a new version of Android to look forward to, complete with a name that honors yet another sweet treat... I think. Android N will ...

Spotify and Apple are staring each other down while flipping the bird
The companies are at it again, and this time it's not only bothersome to the businesses themselves, but to the end consumer. Going to the next level in an ongoing spat over Apple's subscription rules, it would appear that Apple has rejected Spotify's ...

Juno Spacecraft Enters Jupiter's Realm
Juno, which is scheduled to begin orbiting the giant planet on Monday (July 4), entered Jupiter's sphere of influence last week, mission team members said. "We've just crossed the boundary into Jupiter's home turf," Juno principal investigator Scott ...

Furby Gets Bluetooth, Reacts to Watching Videos with Kids
PC Magazine
Bluetooth connectivity is coming to the latest Furby toy, the furry robot that took parents and children by storm in 1998 and has since enjoyed several revivals. Furby Connect Called Furby Connect, the $99 Bluetooth-enabled toy is available for pre ...

Facebook Recycles Paper App
PC Magazine
Did you ever use Facebook's Paper app? If so, then you might be saddened by the news that Facebook is officially pulling the plug on said app in a month. And if you hadn't, or haven't even heard of the Paper app, then you're probably the reason why it ...

Why Golden Rice has become a symbol of the GMO debate
Christian Science Monitor
Men and women work in rice fields in Kangwon province, eastern North Korea on June 23. Rice is the staple food for 3.5 billion people worldwide, according to the International Rice Research Institute. They are a partner in the contentious Golden Rice ...
A Smart Crib Is a Stupid Idea

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