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Obama urges world action on climate change: No nation 'immune' to global warming
Washington Post
PARIS President Obama joined leaders from 150 nations on Monday in pledging action against climate change, kicking off a historic two-week gathering that Obama called a "turning point" in the battle against one of humanity's gravest threats. Heads ...

Data breach at toy maker VTech leaked photos of children, parents
The data breach of Hong Kong toy manufacturer VTech appears to have also included photos of children and parents, adding to what could be one of the most surprising leaks of the year. VTech, which makes cordless phones and what it terms electronic ..

This Swatch watch will let you pay with your wrist
It may look like an everyday Swatch, but hidden inside is an NFC chip. Swatch. Swatch has partnered with Visa on a watch capable of making smartphone payments with the swipe of your wrist. The Swatch Bellamy, scheduled to launch in early 2016, can be ..

Sonos Play:5
PC Magazine
Powerful audio performance with seriously deep bass and accurate highs. Easy setup. Expandable to multiple rooms. Can be used as part of a stereo pair. Cons. Pricey. No Bluetooth. Bottom Line. The Sonos Play:5 speaker justifies its very high price by ..

Five Ways to Understand the Climate Shadow-Boxing in Paris
A man walks past an exhibition titled "Paris de L'Avenir," a showcase for tangible climate solutions in the context of the COP21 World Climate Summit, in front of Paris city hall on November 30. Eric Gaillard/Reuters. Filed Under: Opinion, Climate ...

'Metal Gear Solid V's' Secret Nuclear Disarmament Event Isn't So Secret ...
Tech Times
Konami has just released a list of conditions for 'Metal Gear Solid V' players to meet in order to unlock a special event in the game. No one knows what it is, but it does require that all nuclear weapons in the game must be brought down to zero

BlackBerry to exit Pakistan over privacy concerns
Rather than hand over the unfettered private information of its enterprise customers, BlackBerry has decided to exit Pakistan altogether. The company's chief operating officer Marty Beard confirmed in a blog post on Monday that the Pakistani government ...

AT&T to hike grandfathered unlimited data plans by $5
If you're still clinging to the unlimited data plan AT&T stopped offering years ago, get ready to pay a little more for it. iPhone 6S box Credit: Blair Hanley Frank. Comments. Susie Ochs | @sfsooz. Executive Editor, Macworld. Nov 30, 2015 4:35 PM
Apple's iOS devices dominate online shopping presence for Black Friday, Cyber ...
Apple Insider
Report: VW execs knew about emissions 'irregularities' a year ago

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