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Science Tech News

24 more characters, for better and worse
Today Twitter redefined its laws of physics. But while it's posed as a simplification of the 140-character rule, the change will reshape information density, conversation style and self-promotion in the app. If you want to know what's happening and why ...

Pebble 2, Time 2, and Pebble Core Launch on Kickstarter
Mac Rumors
Pebble today launched a Kickstarter campaign for two new fitness-focused smartwatches, and an all-new cellular-connected wearable. pebble_family_wht_crop_web. Pebble 2, the first major upgrade to the original Pebble smartwatch, features new built-in ..

Google AdWords to break up tablet & desktop and enable a mobile base bid
Search Engine Land
Google has announced a significant change that will give advertisers more control over device-level bidding in AdWords. The new came during Google Performance Summit in San Francisco, at which Google also said it now handles trillions of searches ..

Microsoft awards grants to bring affordable Internet access to the masses
Microsoft on Tuesday announced that it awarded grants to 12 businesses as part of the company's Affordable Access Initiative. The software giant is looking to accelerate the delivery of affordable Internet access to developing countries around the globe

Bad science? Former Microsoft exec accuses NASA of statistical errors
Christian Science Monitor
Asteroids that whizz by Earth can be dangerous. Scientists are trying to identify and track asteroids in an effort to predict and possibly deflect potential future impacts. But an outsider is criticizing their calculations

Squids and octopuses the 'weeds of the sea' are on the rise
Washington Post
I for one welcome our cephalopod overlords. The number of cephalopods squid, octopus and other squishy sea aliens has shot up over the past six decades, even as humanity's influence on the ocean (read: climate change, pollution and overfishing) ..

5000-year-old Chinese beer recipe had secret ingredient
CBS News
Barley might have been the "secret ingredient" in a 5,000-year-old beer recipe that has been reconstructed from residues on prehistoric pots from China, according to new archaeological research. Scientists conducted tests on ancient pottery jars and ...

Apple prepping thinner MacBook Pros with OLED screen above keyboard, Touch ID for Q4
9 to 5 Mac
According to a new note from reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo at KGI Securities and corroborated by our sources, Apple plans to introduce a dramatically overhauled MacBook Pro later this year. Kuo says the device will have a new "thinner and lighter ...
Superflares from the Sun may have sparked life by warming Earth
Fox News
Strange Fossil Hints at Life After Mass Extinction
Discovery News

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