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Science Tech News

BIG iPad 'Pro' is incoming: Q1 release date
Apple is (again) said to be readying a larger iPad. The 13" tablet is probably going to be aimed at business users and will feature split-screen multitasking. So, just like the similar Samsung and Microsoft products then? In IT Blogwatch, bloggers replace the ...
Apple expected to release a 12.9in iPad early next yearInquirer
Apple to roll out bigger, 12.9-inch version of its iPad in 2015Maine News
Report: Apple going big with 12.9" iPadITworld.com
Wall Street Pit -ITProPortal -Upstart Magazine
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ESA captures best pictures of Galaxies colliding using Hubble Telescope
The Westside Story
ESA/ESO/NASA/Hubble – Using the best space telescopes on Earth and in Space, scientists have been able to capture a rare photo of galaxies colliding and creating more stars from the massive collision. Space scientists used the Hubble and Spitzer ...
Hubble Telescope provides best view of merging galaxies in distant UniverseDaily News & Analysis
Cosmic effort provides best view yet of distant colliding galaxiesCNET
Best view yet of colliding galaxies in distant universeEarthSky
Laboratory Equipment -Science Codex
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Lizard Squad: Who Is the Group Claiming Responsibility for High Profile Hacks?
ABC News
Catch them if you can. The mysterious hacker of hacking collective known as "Lizard Squad" has taken responsibility for a number of cyber-attacks that have briefly knocked high-profile sites offline. Lizard Squad is vocal, taunting and a bit obnoxious on Twitter ...
Hackers Target Gaming NetworksPC Magazine
You Don't Have to Be an Evil Hacker Genius to Bring Down PlayStationBusinessweek
Sony network hacked, exec's flight divertedThe Seattle Times
New York Daily News -ZDNet -Telegraph.co.uk
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NASA's 'Swarmies' are a squad of smaller, less intelligent rovers
Typically, we send rovers to our planetary neighbors one at a time -- but what if we sent a small team of smaller, less impressive robots instead? That's the idea NASA is exploring at Kennedy Space Center with Swarmies: a quartet of four autonomous robots ...
NASA Wants Robots To Act Like Ants During Planetary ExplorationValueWalk
NASA's robot army of 'swarmies' could explore other planetsFox News
NASA Wants To Explore The Galaxy Using Robot Armies - 'Swarmies'Design & Trend
Tech Times
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Amazon could be ESPN of video games in Twitch deal
New York: Amazon is hoping to become the ESPN of video games. The e-commerce giant is buying streaming platform Twitch Interactive for $970 million (Dh3.5 billion) in cash as it seeks to take part in video gaming's growth as an online spectator sport.
Daily Report: How Twitch.tv Became a Nexus for Video GamersNew York Times (blog)
Video games come of age as a spectator sport as Amazon buys Twitch for $970 ...Fox Business
Twitch video gaming site — why Amazon thought it was worth $1 billionHerald Sun
Bloomberg -CNNMoney
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Hyperlapse from Instagram comes to iPhones, iPads: Here's how it works
Have you ever been mesmerised by time-lapse pictures on the big screen? You don't have to be a seasoned videographer for the same effect- the Hyperlapse app from Instagram lets you replicate this with your smartphone camera. Using the app is as simple ...
Instagram launches Hyperlapse appiAfrica.com
Instagram launches Hyperlapse video appNew Zealand Herald
Hyperlapse: Instagram launches a new app that lets you capture smooth time ...IBNLive
Times of India -Atlanta Journal Constitution
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Magma From Iceland's Bardarbunga Volcano Moving As Quakes Intensify
It's been more than a week since near constant earthquakes began rumbling beneath and around the largest glacier in Europe, which also serves as an ice cap over Iceland's restless Bardarbunga (BárĂ°arbunga) volcano. Now underground magma appears ...
Icelandic Volcano Struck By Biggest Earthquake YetAirwise

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Swansea University fit backpacks to learn sheep secrets
BBC News
The relationship between a shepherd and his sheepdog has always seemed almost magical, but scientists now say it can be explained by two simple rules. Researchers have used GPS data to reveal the mathematical secrets of how sheepdogs do their job.
Scientists Claim GPS Data Has Finally Solved the 'Sheepdog Mystery'TIME
One man and his droid: could robots replace sheep dogs?Telegraph.co.uk
Science sheepdogs use to herd sheep revealedZee News
ABC Science Online -Weekly Times Now -Yahoo News UK
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HP recalls 6 million laptop cords over burn concerns
Global trash burning more polluting than expected

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