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AT&T launches first TV-phone plan after DirecTV deal
AT&T, fresh off its completed acquisition of DirecTV, is already flexing its muscles as a combined company. AT&T announced a new TV and wireless phone service on Monday, an important first step that will help integrate the satellite TV firm, and ...

South Korean Scientists Develop Insect-inspired Robot That Hops on Water
Vocal Republic
Insect skills are progressively seizing the field of robotics. From short, to actually water-walking, to effectively one-of-a-kind dreaming, and in fact now, water-jumping. Just recently, a medical scientists from South Korea created a robotic that in ...

Cadillac shows off their new 2016 Sedan CTS-V with its speed
The Standard Daily
2016 Cadillac CTS-V For those who have been searching for a capable challenger to the BMW M5, the 2016 Cadillac CTS-V appears to be your sure bet. Road trials and technical reviews indicate it has what it takes to stand the BMW M5 on its nose

Sony's new mid-range phones take 13-megapixel selfies
These are dark days for Sony's smartphone business. The division saw sales drop 16.3 percent over the past year, and is losing money faster than PlayStation is making it. The answer to this problem, according to Sony, is to release two new mid range ..

Facebook millennials get to create new level for upcoming 'Super Mario Maker' game
Amanda Maler wasn't even born yet when Nintendo's beloved Super Mario made his debut 30 years ago. But, the playfully heroic video game character became fodder for fierce rivalry between Maler and her brother as children and she pounced on a chance ..

Why the Ashley Madison hack could pose a national security risk
We all know cyber security is a hot issue these days. A new hack or cyber security threat seems to make headlines each week. The most recent news on this front, of course, is that hackers have accessed 50 million user accounts of Avid Life Media, the ...

What you missed in tech last week: Windows 10, Windows 10, Windows 10
MICROSOFT, MICROSOFT, MICROSOFT. That pretty much sums up the past week in news here at The INQUIRER, after 29 July marked the official release of Windows 10. The operating system's debut wasn't the only reason that Microsoft dominated ..

Moto G: Less weight, more power
Business Standard
The much-talked about second sequel to Motorola's best selling budget smartphone, Moto G 3rd Generation, has finally arrived. Here are our first impressions: When you hold this one for the time, you are almost surprised by how light and sleek Moto G ...

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