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Science Tech News

Where will NASA's New Horizons visit next?
State Column
As NASA's New Horizons spacecraft barrels past Pluto, engineers on Earth set their sights on a new target even farther away. Not even a month after New Horizons spacecraft wowed viewers on Earth with crystal-clear photos of the dwarf planet Pluto, NASA ..

Here''s what''s wrong with over half of psychology studies
The Hullabaloo Online
The credibility of study findings can be determined if multiple researches were able to come up with the same conclusions. Now, researchers found that the results of most psychological studies cannot be confirmed if performed the second time around

Google Pretties Up Mobile Search Results for Apps
PC Magazine
Google has quietly unveiled a new grid-like layout for some of your search results, but only on Android and only if Google thinks you're specifically searching for mobile apps. Those who have noticed said grid have indicated that it tends to pop up ...

Uber Hires Hackers to Secure Its Vehicles
Computer security engineers Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek will work in Uber's Pittsburgh offices, home to the company's self-driving car and robotics research lab, the New York Times reports. They'll work with Joe Sullivan, Uber's chief security ...

Microsoft prevails over an 8-year-old attempt to block its phone sales
Remember the heady days of August 2007, when the iPhone had barely reached store shelves and the Nokia N95 was all the rage? The US International Trade Commission sure does. After reviewing an 8-year-long case, the ITC has ruled that Nokia's ..

Razer Tips Customizable 'Wildcat' Controller for Xbox One
PC Magazine
Razer has announced the Razer Wildcat for Xbox One, a high-end eSports controller developed with the help of professional gamers. Shipping worldwide this October, the $149.99 Wildcat for Xbox One includes four multi-function buttons that can be ..

Moving Out Of The Box: Instagram Allows Landscape And Portrait Photos Without ...
Most Instagram users have felt constrained one time or another when they had to crop photos that they wanted to upload to the social media site. Instagram finally caved in and decided to move out of the box - literally. Sign Up For Our Newsletter >>

Quora Question: How Do Different Countries Share the International Space Station
The lights of Perth, Australia, top, and the stars in the Milky Way are seen in this picture by NASA astronaut Scott Kelly taken from the International Space Station August 20. NASA/Scott Kelly/Handout/Reuters. Filed Under: Tech & Science, Space, Space ..
New photos reportely show Apple iPhone 6s Force Touch screen and larger front ...
Skywatch: A full harvest moon with a total lunar eclipse
Washington Post

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