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Science Tech News

Yet another Antarctic ice mass is becoming destabilized, scientists report
Washington Post
The troubling news continues this week for the Antarctic peninsula region, which juts out from the icy continent. Last week, scientists documented threats to the Larsen C and the remainder of the Larsen B ice shelf (most of which collapsed in 2002)

NASA Nicknames Star Nasty 1: Here's What Makes It So... Nasty
Tech Times
Astronomers using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope have uncovered surprising new clues about a hefty, rapidly aging star, shown in this artist's concept, whose behavior has never been seen before in our Milky Way galaxy. (Photo : NASA/Hubble)

Google I/O 2015 Kicking Off Next Week: What To Expect ... And Not Expect
Tech Times
As the search engine company prepares to deliver its state of the union address, it's time to look at what fans can expect from keynote presentations and what may likely be glossed over or unmentioned. (Photo : Stephen Lam | Getty Images). The countdown to ..

Virtual reality wants to rule video games. Here's who will rule VR
Soon you'll don a high-tech headset as easily as you reach for your controller. Watch for blockbuster launches in the year ahead that pave the way to the brave new virtual world. Facebook and Valve lead the charge. by Ian Sherr. and Roger Cheng. 22 May ..

OneClip Is Microsoft's Upcoming Cross-Platform Cloud Clipboard Service
Android Police
There's little doubt in anyone's mind that Microsoft has been marching forward with its cross-platform strategy over the past months. The company has been releasing more and more apps for Android and iOS, trying to spread its wings beyond its own ..

The Large Hadron Collider breaks its previous record of 8 Tev
The Standard Daily
Large Hadron Collider or LHC has set the new energy record of 13 trillion electron volts through proton collision. The news about world's largest particle collider was shared by European Organization of Nuclear Research (CERN). They said "Protons collided ..

Top Android news of the week: Factory reset failures, Note 5, phone calling on ...
android-logo.jpg Factory reset on Android phones not always erasing owner info. Security experts determined that performing a factory reset on Android phones is not secure on many handsets. This affects owners of some phones who reset the device prior to ..

ROBOQUAFF! Boffins build smooth robot arm to lift a pint of beer
The Register
Video Scientists have developed a brain-controlled prosthetic arm that can perform fine motor movements well enough to lifting a pint of beer without spilling it. Beer and the robot arm. It's my round. Mind-controlled prosthetic limbs are nothing new, but they ..
Pebble Time smartwatch to start shipping May 27
Adult online dating site reports data security breach of member information

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