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Top News

Family of Drowned Syrian Boys Sought to Emigrate to Canada
New York Times
OTTAWA A Canadian lawmaker and an aunt of Galip and Aylan Kurdi, the young refugee boys from Syria whose drownings off a Turkish beach have touched a global nerve, had sought to help their family emigrate to Canada this year, news outlets said ..

Brady beats NFL: Federal judge tosses 4-game suspension in 'Deflategate'
Fox News
A federal judge deflated "Deflategate" Thursday, erasing New England quarterback Tom Brady's four-game suspension for a controversy that the NFL claimed threatened football's integrity. U.S. District Judge Richard M. Berman said NFL Commissioner ..

Hungary's leader to migrants: 'Please don't come.'
Washington Post
BRUSSELS In a dramatic sign that Europe's fast-mounting refugee crisis may be set to get even worse, Hungary's far-right leader told asylum-seekers Thursday to stay away from Europe and vowed to crack down on the thousands of migrants who are ..

Kentucky clerk faces judgment day in same-sex marriage dispute
ASHLAND, Ky. A county clerk in Kentucky who refuses to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples on religious grounds heads to U.S. federal court on Thursday where a judge could hold her in contempt for defying his order to do so. Lawyers for Kim ..

China shows off missile 'able to destroy aircraft carriers' at massive WW2 parade
China showed off a new missile reportedly capable of destroying an aircraft carrier on Thursday as it flexed its military muscle with a huge parade marking 70 years since the defeat of Japan in World War Two. The parade, which was shunned by most ...

A Venomous Snake Is on the Loose in Florida
"We are used to snakes here in Florida, but a king cobra is a totally different story," a TV anchor said on WESH2. The male cobra is green and yellow and about 8-feet long. The owner, Mike Kennedy, didn't report the escape right away when it went ...

Donald Trump hints he will sign RNC loyalty pledge
Washington Post
RICHMOND -- Donald Trump said Thursday morning that signing a loyalty pledge designed to block him from running for president as an independent would give him the best shot at winning the Republican primary. Asked by conservative radio show host ..

Woman fabricated story in manhunt for Illinois officer's killer, police say
(CNN) An Illinois woman sent 100 officers scrambling overnight after saying she saw two men who fit the description of the cop killers police have been looking for. But after hours of searching, police said, they discovered she made the whole story up ...
The Latest: 1 Marine Killed, 11 Hurt in Helicopter Incident
ABC News
In unprecedented move, Guatemalan president resigns amid corruption scandal
Washington Post

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