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Top News

Clinton takes a swipe at Jeb Bush's 'Right to Rise'
Washington Post
FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. Following President Obama's reelection in 2012 a win powered in part by historic black voter turnout Republicans launched an aggressive outreach effort aimed at African American voters. Never again, they vowed, would ..

After 500 days of mystery, MH370 answers could come soon
Watch "Vanished: The Mystery of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370" at 9 p.m. Friday ET/PT on CNN. Saint-Denis, Reunion Island (CNN) Debris believed to be from a Boeing 777 -- and possibly missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 -- is headed to France, where ..

Walter Palmer, Cecil the lion's killer dentist, endures latest onslaught from ...
San Jose Mercury News
In the endless feedback loop of social media's shaming machine, Walter Palmer suddenly found himself with nothing to shoot and no place to hide. As soon as word got out that the Minnesota dentist had shot and killed an African lion so beloved it had a ..

Samuel DuBose's Death in Cincinnati Points to Off-Campus Power of College Police
New York Times
CINCINNATI Six years ago, with crime creeping upward in the tree-lined, if slightly downtrodden, neighborhoods encircling the University of Cincinnati campus, the city and the university quietly signed an agreement giving the 72-member campus police ..

Palestinian child's death in terrorist attack stirs call to end violence
The Globe and Mail
The murder of an 18-month-old Palestinian toddler could be a turning point in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Ali Dawabsheh was killed early Friday morning in an apparent arson attack believed to have been carried out by Jewish extremists as the ..

First Draft | No Serious Health Issues for Hillary Clinton, Her Doctor Reports
New York Times
Updated, 9:52 p.m. | Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign released a letter on Friday from her doctor attesting to Mrs. Clinton's good health and fitness to serve as president based on a full medical evaluation. The letter from Dr. Lisa Bardack of Mount ...

Is a Super PAC Tagged for Ted Cruz Flirting With Carly Fiorina?
Keep the Promise I, one of a family of like-named super PACs established earlier this year and by all accounts dedicated to advancing the presidential campaign of Texas Senator Ted Cruz, donated $500,000 to a super-PAC supporting former ..

Judge blocks release of recordings by anti-abortion group
Fox News
SAN FRANCISCO A federal judge on Friday blocked the release of any recordings made at meetings of an abortion providers' association by an anti-abortion group that previously revealed secretly recorded videos of a Planned Parenthood leader
Taliban's Mullah Omar Is Dead, Circumstances Uncertain: White House
Dylann Roof, Suspect in Charleston Killings, Indicates Desire to Plead Guilty
New York Times

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